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Is regular gutter clearing important?

Keeping your gutters clear is an important part of building maintenance. A blocked gutter can cause leaking pipes and joints which can cause damage to your property. A blocked gutter will also collect debris and dirt which can become a breeding ground for insects and even small animals.
How can a blocked gutter damage your home?
There are a number of ways that neglecting your gutters can cause lasting damage to your home. We have listed a few of the main culprits below.


When your gutters are blocked, the water cannot pass through them so it collects and overflows onto the walls and roof of your property. This excess water leaves your property vulnerable to leaks and damp. Left unchecked, this water damage can cause serious damp issues that can affect your entire home from the roof, right down to the basement.


Any excess of water will not only affect the brickwork of your home, but it will also affect any woodwork on your property. Over time, water will rot through wood and rotting wood is a breeding ground for insects, mice and even rats.


Gutter Clearing & Maintenance

Keeping your gutters clear will maintain the life of the guttering and it will also ensure that any rainwater is controlled to protect your property. We recommend you have your gutters cleared at least once a year, your gutters may require additional clearing depending on your location.
When we clear your gutters we will also inspect them with our CCTV monitoring system to ensure they are free from any moss or debris.


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